About our School

Educating students the indigenous responsive way.


Be Safe: Awaniċihdaka
Be Responsible: Waohiki
Be Caring: Wauŋşida
Be Respectful: Woohoda


The mission of the Toka Nuwan Wayawa Tipi is to unite and empower our Dakotah Oyate by successfully preparing our students through the revitalization of Dakotah Iapi and culture, as well as, the creation of a safe educational environment that inspires academic excellence.

Strategic Plan : 2018 – 2023

We expect all students to exhibit Dakotah values and apply the TRACKS values of Woohoda (Be Respectful), Waokihi (Be Responsible), Awaƞicihdaka (Be Safe), Wauƞsida (Be Caring) and Caƞwaṡte Uƞ (Be Kind) to become a good relative in the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate.

STRATEGY 1: Develop an ESDS Curriculum for the Dakotah Iapi.

STRATEGY 2: Create and implement immersion activities.

STRATEGY 3: Implement School-wide Dakotah Iapi.

STRATEGY 4: Increase Dakotah Language proficiency of staff.

STRATEGY 1: Instructional staff will use highly effective teaching strategies in an active learning environment.

STRATEGY 2: Staff will create a culturally relevant class connecting students to real-world experiences.

STRATEGY 3: Fully implement ELA/Literacy curriculum with Native American literature.

STRATEGY 4: Strengthen student reading and math proficiency through consistent, fluency activities, vocabulary instruction, and targeted small group instruction.

STRATEGY 5: Revise and implement the writing plan include explicit writing instruction and application across all content areas.

STRATEGY 6: Provide differentiated professional development opportunities based on school-wide objectives and teachers’ individual needs.

STRATEGY 1: Revise and sustain the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) for Attendance.

STRATEGY 2: Implement and revise a Multi-Tiered System of Support for Behavior.

STRATEGY 3: Continuously develop and revise Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions for attendance and behavior.

STRATEGY: Increase parental involvement by providing varied opportunities with consistent communication with our families.


South Dakota State Accreditation

North Central Accreditation

COA After School Accreditation

NAEYC FACE Program Accreditation

Enemy Swim Day School serves the educational needs of the Glacial Lakes Region of NE South Dakota on the Lake Traverse Reservation. Academic programs for children in preschool through eighth grade include Dakota Language, Culture and History, South Dakota State Core Instruction, Pull-out and Inclusive Exceptional Education, Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy and School Wide Title 1 programming. Teaching teams develop an education improvement plan for students testing below proficiency in math and reading.

  • Flexible Scheduling for Middle Grades
  • Small Classroom Size
  • Fulltime Educational Support, Guidance and Student Services
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Fulltime School Nurse
  • High Expectations for Learning
  • Student Center Experiences
  • Expanded Learning Time: Summer and after school expanded learning time supports the academic school day by providing a wide variety of clubs designed to engage all interest and learning levels of the student body and to augment the regular school day curriculum. Clubs are oriented in categories:
    • Education & Career Development
    • Literacy & Writing
    • Sports, Fitness & Recreation
    • Character & Leadership
    • Dakota Curriculum
    • The Arts
    • STEM
    • Music Appreciation
    • Health & Life Skills

Tribal Communications and Math standards.
Enemy Swim Day School has adopted the tribal communications and math standards that are aligned with the common core state standards. These standards are a set of learning skills that students are expected to do by the time they graduate each grade. The standards set the benchmarks and guidelines for what each student should learn and set a progression of skills that students learn as they move through school.

South Dakota State Content Standards for Science and Social Studies
The South Dakota State Content Standards are used to guide instruction in science and social studies learning at Enemy Swim Day School. More information about SD State Content Standards can be found at:http://doe.sd.gov/contentstandards/

Other Learning Opportunities Guided by SD State Content Standards include: Physical Education, Nutrition Education, Educational Technology, Fine Arts.

Dakota Culture, Language, and History
Dakota history and elements of Dakota culture are integrated into all content areas throughout the learning day in culturally responsive classrooms guided by the Oceti Sakowein Essential Understanding.
Along with integration across the curriculum, Dakota Language and Culture learning also takes place in self-contained classrooms with a male and female instructor.

BIE Assessment : Tribal Summative Assessment – Annually

Enemy Swim Day School participates in the new BIE  assessments for English-language arts and math which are  aligned to the Common Core Standards. More information about the BIE assessment can be found: https://www.bie.edu/sites/default/files/documents/10_29_BIE_Standards_Assessments_and_Accountability_Oct2020.pdf

BIE Science : Tribal Summative Assessment – Annually

Science for fifth and eighth grade is assessed using the BIE Science Assessment

NWEA MAPS & I-Ready Diagnostic Assessments  : Formative Assessments – Tri – Annual
Formative assessments in math and reading are implemented tri-annually by classroom teachers. Data-driven results are used to place students in on-target, strategic and intensive intervention.

Enemy Swim Day School uses a variety of educational improvement programs in delivery of services:

  • Sonday System
  • Read Live
  • IXL – Math and Reading
  • Accelerated Reader
  • CKLA Amplify Literacy curriculum Kind. – 3rd grade
  • Engage New York Literacy curriculum: 4th – 8th grade
  • Ready Math K-8th grade
  • I-Ready – Math and Reading
  • Newsela
  • Discovery Social Science
  • HMH Science
  • Reading Street
  • Connected Math Concepts
  • Number Worlds
  • SRA Language, Math & Reading
  • ESDS Vocabulary
  • Math Connect/Math Triumphs
  • Do the Math!
  • DiStar Math
  • Math Triumphs!
  • STEP UP to writing
  • 4 Block Literacy Method
  • Guided Reading
  • Linda-Mood Bell
  • LIPS

The FACE program is a national education model for children, prenatal through age eight and their parents or primary care givers. FACE’s focus is on literacy, life-long learning, school readiness, and enhancing the Dakota language and culture.  FACE is fully accredited through National Education of the Young Child Accreditation NEYCA

FACE Components

  • Center Based Adult/Parent Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • GED Readiness/Completion
  • Home based Parent Education
  • Basic Computers
  • Employability Skills

All Students Are 1 to 1 Devices With iPad or Chromebook

Google Classrooms For All Grades

All Classrooms Equipped with Promethean Interactive Panels

All Classrooms Equipped with Redcat Sounds Amplify Systems

Mobile iPad Lab

Mobile Chromebook Lab

Elementary and Middle School Computer Labs

Infinite Campus Student and Parent Portals

ESDS Lakers Basketball

ESDS Lakers Cheerleading

Destination Imagination

Sons and Daughters of Tradition

Culture Club

Summit/Waubay/ESDS Football, Volleyball & Track Co-op

Kunsi’s Learning Garden

Oral Interpretation

Spelling Bee

Science Fair

Student Counsel